Facebook Video Downloader

Download Facebook Videos Online

How to Use Firefox Addon to Download Facebook Videos

  • Step 1

    Go to DownloadFacebook Firefox Addon page, and click + Add to Firefox like the screenshot below

  • Step 2

    Whenever you see a video on your Facebook news feed or on watch page, and you want to download it Click the extension icon to see videos fetched from the page.

  • Step 3

    Choose the video and quality ( SD or HD ) and click Download to start the download.

  • Note 1: The video will be downloaded automatically and saved to your hard disk at your chosen place, most commonly the Downloads folder .

  • Note 2: To copy any video download link, click the Link icon beside the Download button so you can download videos later using any download manager software.

  • Note 3:
    To download videos automatically using Chrome browser use the free chrome Chrome Extension.

    To download videos automatically using Edge browser use the free edge Edge Extension.